Art in your home

I love art in the home. A lot of large art… By hanging something on your walls you add add a personal touch to your home and it is  a great way to add some colour to the house. There are many different types of art, and it isn’t always easy to determine what would work best for your space.

Before you start looking around it is a good idea to ask yourself the following questions:

What is your style?

There are so many different sorts of art and wall coverings that it is sometimes hard to keep track. Make sure you you have an understanding of what is out there. Look around on Pinterest and Instagram, and visit a gallery. There often are exhibitions of young and upcoming artists where you can purchase a unique piece of art that doesn’t break the bank.  We recently bought a very large aboriginal artwork, not just because I like the style, but also because I wanted to support the traditions of the country.

What is your budget?

You make your search for art a lot easier by pre- determining your budget. If you have $50 to spend you might want to look for a nice poster, or wall sticker. It is also a good idea to regularly check out a op-shop – you might just be lucky and find something awesome hidden away. If your budget is $5000 you’re most likely not really looking for a poster or second hand find. In this case you’re better off visiting various (online) galleries and find the perfect piece that way. We’ve got a mix match of all of the above in our home. From expensive paintings to posters that only cost a few dollars, there is no problem mixing the two together.

Where are you going to hang your work?

Are you looking for a piece for the living room, the hallway or perhaps the bedroom? What is the purpose of the artwork? In the bedroom you might want something that is relaxing and calm, while in the hallway you might be experimenting with more outspoken pieces of art. How does the rest of the room look like and what suits this place? All these questions are important to answer before you commit to something. A work can be stunning, but it might not necessarily suit the space…

How big would you like the artwork to be?

Do you want to cover the wall, or are you looking for a small delicate piece? A small painting can get lost on a large empty wall, but it can also be extra special. If you buy a large piece you have to make sure it won’t be too overpowering. A combination of various sorts and sizes in your house, solo or grouped together can work perfectly.

I hope I helped you out with the tips mentioned above. Let me know how you go with purchasing your pieces of art! I love to see how they look in your home!

X Lisa