Benji’s Birthday Bash

Oh my goodness, Benji is turning ONE! I seriously can’t believe a whole year has gone by already. And on the other hand, it is so hard to imagine a time he wasn’t in our lives. He really is the happiest kid on the block and brings so much joy to our lives.

Anyway, this blog is not about how awesome he is, but how we selected some gifts for his first birthday. There are so many fantastic products out there, which made it very hard to not come up with a list of 100 things.  Benji has enough toys as it is, so I wanted to make sure that we restrained ourselves somehow. We came up with 4 categories

Something to play. Because toys are just awesome, especially when they are open ended and allow your child to be creative, and explore the world around them.

Something to learn. Not learning in a book with worksheets kind of way, but in a creative way to increase motor skills, language, the perception of the world etc.

Something to wear. I remember how excited I was to wear my birthday outfit when I was a child. And let’s be honest, buying cool clothes for your little one is just a lot of fun.

Something to keep. Here I wanted to give him something that will last a long time to come. Something that won’t be chucked out in a year or two.

Technically you would think that Benji would up getting 4 presents…. But…. We couldn’t really cut it down to 4. So we came up with one more rule. Both hubby and I could choose 1 from each category. That means the lucky kids is getting 8 gifts! Here they are:

Something to play

The card set from happy little people is a very new product. Not so much a toy to play with, but it gives you 52 suggestion on games and activities to do.  The activities are tailored around the baby’s milestone and focus on boding and trust, motor skills, sensory play and exploration. The activities suggested are super easy to do and truly help you to come up with new idea on what to do with your little one.  This will be my go -to gift for all new mums to come.

The enchanted castle from Emy meets Lulu is the coolest piece of cardboard around. The castle comes with decorative stickers and can be flat packed when stored. Benji loves crawling in and out of the castle and peek through the window. I can’t wait for him to be a little older and have exciting adventures to come.  The cubby is eco-friendly and biodegradable, and it’s designed and manufactured in Australia! They have a few other designs too, I love them all! Go and check them out!

Something to learn

The ‘My first set’ from Magformers is a fantastic educational toy for young children who love building, breaking down, build again and then once again.  Magformers consist of bright plastic shapes with a super strong magnet built in. The magnets can rotate to any direction and connect to each other regardless of their position. Because of this, you can build the most awesome shapes and structures! Playing with Magformers is beneficial for your child on many different levels. It develops their modeling skills, enhances their creativity, encourages spatial thinking and mathematical thinking. It improves their reasoning, fosters imagination and stimulates sensory development. How is that for a toy!? They won a lot of awards, including Australian Educational Product of the year!

The Grimms rainbow is a classic open-ended toy. We got our hands on a double stacking rainbow, bought at our fave toy store In my hood. This rainbow brings endless opportunities for educational and imaginary play. Colours, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are stimulated with this gorgeous piece made of lime wood and non-toxic water-based stain. Once Benji gets older he can use the separate pieces as a fence for his animals, a bridge for his vehicles or build some awesome sculptures with it. As I said before, the options are endless, and I am sure he will come up with a hundred other ways to use it.

Something to wear 

How gorgeous is this linen overall from Sunny Afternoon handmade? I Love it! So much! This beautiful clothing bizz is solely selling on Etsy and have a wide variety of rompers, harem pants, hoodies and in both linen and organic French terry.  Sunny afternoon is run by a mum of two with a passion for a slow sustainable lifestyle. The timeless pieces are beautifully made, and with almost 1000 raving reviews I’m not the only one who thinks this. Soo there will not only be baby and kids’ clothes, but also some stunning items for mamas

This kite dungaree romper from Bobby G is both super cool and comfortable. Bobby G clothing is made from organic cotton blends with muted tones and modern prints.   I love the gender-neutral colours they use, and by doing this you can mix and match all their pieces. So clever! Benji has quite a few of the harem pants and we get so many compliments when he wears them. Their new collection is dropping shortly. They sell out quick, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Something to keep 

When Benji was born I bought my hubby a Laikonik Once a Year book. Little did I know that I would take over this business only a few months later! The Laikonik keepsake books are designed and printed in Australia. The books are hand bound and feature a letter pressed illustrated cover and acid free archival quality paper. They come in a wooden keepsake box, perfect for store for years to come! We just took the photo to add in the book for his 1st birthday and decided to go with a theme. Each photo with have his baby blanket in there. It will create a cohesive look and it’s easy to keep up.

This is definitely the most boring gift on the list. We opened a bank account for Benji in which we will deposit a set amount each month. He (not we) will be able to access this account until he turns 18. We won’t really notice the amount coming out of our accounts, as it’s not too much. However, by doing it for 18 years he will end up with a decent amount of money which could help him with a deposit for a house, or a once in a lifetime trip around the world. It will totally be up to him….