Benji’s playroom

When toys started to take over the living room and I tripped over a car for the seventeen millionth time I decided it was time to organise a dedicated play area for Benji. I wanted a space where he can climb, explore, play and relax. Somewhere where he can touch everything and I don’t have to watch him coz it’s dangerous or he could break something….

I  wanted a space that would last for a long time. An area that is perfect for him as a baby but can easily be adjusted to suit him when he is a toddler or even a teenager (OMG! I can’t actually imagine that he one day will actually be a teenager!!!).

Lastly, I wanted a space that would invite him to open-ended play, and would be both stimulating, but not cause a sensory overload.

I am so very pleased with the result. I transferred our boring depressing rumpus (which we never ever use) into a lovely gender neutral, aesthetically pleasing playroom. It is light and bright, there are things to climb and feel. He can make music, have a swing and play with trucks. There is lots to do, but due to the colour scheme it is still a calm space. And, once the baby toys are out there will be plenty of space for lego and trainsets. Or, when we do reach the teenage years, a stack of dvd’s and a tv…. (I know, I’m getting old…  dvd’s are soooooo 2010!)

Want to create a similar look to your play area? These are the products I used….

Dutch Warehouse

The super large, super soft zig zag rug, the rattan moon and the grey leaf playmat are all from Dutch Warehouse. One of my fave online shops! Dutch Warehouse is your one-stop shop for affordable & stylish scandi boho inspired children and home décor products. Annemarie, founder of Dutch Warehouse, carefully selects ethically made products by choosing small businesses over big well known brands as this is where the real magic happens ♡. Not only is she always on the lookout for new and exciting hand made items, she also designs and handcrafts her own products focussing on creating that beautiful, stylish & eclectic look. (you get free shipping on the moon when using the code MOON at checkout!)


I kinda wanted a tipi tent before I was even pregnant because they are just SO cool! And especially the gorgeous, high-quality ones from cattywampus. They make clever spaces for little humans. Because they believe in their ideas: big, strange, upside down and wonderful. Their mission is to give children the space to unleash their imagination, their highest form of creativity, and the most fun they can have in their own minds. I can’t imagine how many stories and adventures will unfold here.


I choose a zebra and a deer family for Benji’s playroom. I’m really hoping he will use them in roleplay once he is older. And which boy doesn’t love dinosaurs? I don’t think you can go wrong there!

They aim to carry the full range of products from all the popular brands such as Schleich, CollectA, Safari Ltd & Papo AND make available ‘new’ brands like Mojo, Southlands Replicas, REBOR and much more. Besides that their customer service is fantastic. I’m a newbie to these figurines and their help finding the right ones for me was invaluable.


Benji looooooves his swing, and it was one of the first things I knew I needed in his room.  The swing in this room turned it from a room with toys into a real playroom.  Handmade Sewn and Wood baby and toddler swings suitable for use from 6 months (or when sitting up) until approximately 3 years of age. We choose a gorgeous quilted version that blends in with the room so beautifully. With a maximum weight limit of 25kgs we will have years of swing fun ahead of us!


I love music, and so does Benji. We sing and dance around the house a lot! To add some musical instruments seemed a logical thing to do. It was such a good choice, he truly enjoys making music and is obsessed with his drum. He is learning so quickly and can already use his drumsticks! All the instruments from babynoise sound great and look beautiful! These are heirloom pieces that will stay in the family for a long time to come. Just gorgeous!


Benji’s fave hour of the week is baby gymnastics. He is such a little daredevil. He loves climbing more than anything. When I learned about moovbaby I was sold! We’ve got the stool and mini triangle, both of which can be used indoors and outdoors. I can’t wait for him to be a bit older and add the ramp, larger triangle and slide. We can build our own obstacle course and train for Australian warrior!!

Happy Go Ducky 

My love for Happy Go Ducky is nothing new, read our article about the pros of wooden toys here.  Happy Go Ducky understands that when you become a parent for the first time, you realise how important it is to you to give your child the best start and for us that includes quality, educational toys. They only source toys that are ethically and sustainably handmade…so, of course, that means no plastic! They want each toy to tell a story. They say that “When you treasure something as a child, you play with it often and memories that you never forget are created. These are the toys that don’t get thrown away. They are kept, cherished and passed on”. And I couldn’t agree more!

Adinkra Design 

Another favourite of mine.  Benji spent the first months of his life sleeping in the most gorgeous Moses basket, which you can see here.  I have had my eye on Adinkra Designs stunning storage baskets for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity to bring them into our home.  The small basket is perfect for him to grab toys from, and before I know it he will be walking around with it! The larger basket is awesome for bigger toys, trainsets, blocks etc ( and I have to admit I’ve been carrying them around the home to see how they look in different spaces). I think I’ll be getting a few more for myself soon too!


Ask any of my friends and they will tell you my favourite animal is a wombat. They are so cute and cuddly! So when I found this large wombat decal I was sold! It is so very cute! And so is the koala stuffy that you find in Benji’s room too. He loves cuddling it and carries it around with him a lot. The super talented Flossy-p has a lot of other arty stuff in her webshop, such as pillowcases, art prints and cushion covers. Definitely worth checking it out! There is a rumour going around that there will be an even bigger giant wombat! Oh my!! I can’t wait to see it… (Make most off the 20% off everything if you spend $50 or more. The code SBH20JULY is valid till the end of July.)


Both the rainbow and the ‘play’ word art are from Neonpunk. They are custom made especially for Benji Moon. All their products are acrylic, there are SO many different colours! It’s very cool! I love the glittery rainbow, it definitely adds some colour and spark to the room. I just used blu tack to attach them to the wall, so it’s super easy to move them around. The possibilities are endless! (Are you as excited as I am? get 10% off all wall decor with the code WHITE10. Hurry, it is valid until July 31)

Danish by Design 

Yup, we’re Danish by Design fans here! we got our Leander highchair from them and it’s awesome! Also, all our done by deer goodies are from them. We use the plates, cups and storage containers every day. But our favourite item is the stacking block tower.

Our latest Danish by Design item is the moover baby walker. It’s probably the easiest flat-pack item I’ve ever put together. Seriously takes less than a minute. And it looks so good! If you love good quality Scandinavian design, this is your place to be!


I’ve been asked many times now… “What is a wobbelboard”. The answer is, it’s everything you want it to be. A balancing board, a ramp, a bridge, a step…. The Wobbel is made with many layers of the best European beech wood (FSC), which are stacked and pressed under high pressure, and has a uniquely designed curve.
The Wobbel is because of its shape and looks like a toy that doesn’t need to be put away after playing with it. It looks great in every living room. We love to use our Wobbel as a ramp for our sensory balls and a very subtle see-saw.

My Kids Room Tas 

The webshop My Kids Room Tas is the reason we have some colour in our playroom. The stacking ring, the red plane and car are all from them. I love the brands Plan Toys and Green Toys, they are my go-to brands when buying presents for cousins and friends. The collection at My Kids Room is very extensive, you will definitely find something for all ages. I’m eyeing on the chicken racing car next. What’s your favourite? (Use the code WANDW10 to get 10% your order, including sale and clearance items)

Page and Pine 

These super cute rainy day dice are from the awesome Page and Pine webshop. Page and Pine consist of a young couple who are designing, making and packaging all their own products. I love their date night dice, and have been hinting to hubby it is an awesome birthday pressie. Next on my wishlist for Benji are the adorable Aussie bushland blocks. They are also the perfect gift for overseas bubba’s!


All items shown above are sourced directly for Benji’s playroom, but we also had some toys that now have moved from the livingroom or his bedroom to the playroom. Check out what else there is to see!

Mio Play teethers
Jhett and Co playmat
Numero 74 garland
Quercus and Co cushion covers
Ecoteething toys
Ollie and Ella stroller
Kippins cuddly blanket
Laikonik art prints
Ikea shelving