Page and Pine

Page and Pine

“Hi there! We are Jeremy and Larissa, a young couple living on the sunny Central Coast and chasing our dream of a work-from-home lifestyle. Page and Pine was born out of a love of making things with our hands and a balance between creativity and technology. We love all things simple, minimal and natural, and are constantly working towards a more sustainable business and lifestyle.

We make handcrafted wooden toys and homewares, as well as hand-lettered calligraphy Prints. Our love for natural elements even extends to the polish we make by hand for our wooden blocks, which is made from locally harvested organic beeswax.
We believe in creating spaces that are bright and natural, evoking a sense of simplicity and calm in every room.

When you support our small business, you are supporting our dream, and we thank you for that.”


W: www.pagenadpine,