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  • Adinkra Designs

    Adinkra Designs

    At Adinkra Designs, we work direct with artisans not only to bring you beautiful African décor, but so we can be confident that fair work and pay conditions are met. When buying direct from an African artisan, you are buying more than just a product. You are buying hours of skilled work, of a traditional craft that has been passed on through many generations. Most importantly your purchase provides an opportunity out of poverty for the artisan and their family, opportunity to move forward.

    Please visit our website for more information on our products and how we are supporting our local communities and children in Ghana

    E: hello@adinkradesigns.com.au

    W: www.adinkradesigns.com.au

  • Dutch Warehouse

    Dutch Warehouse

    Dutch Warehouse is your one-stop shop for nordic inspired home decor products. This children’s and home decor store offers high quality Dutch designed products with a focus on simple, yet beautiful design. They also launched their own brand selling baskets, bags and more with a functional, stylish look that will fit into every home. Dutch Warehouse is always on the look out for new, exciting products and LOVES supporting other small businesses, because this is where the real magic happens.

    E: info@dutchwarehouse.com.au

    W: www.dutchwarehouse.com.au

  • Edge of the Forest

    Edge of the Forest

    Based in the Central Highlands of Victoria Edge of the Forest’s humble studio is so close to the Wombat State Forest that they are lucky enough to share their outdoor spaces with some of the many critters that inhabit it. Everything created is inspired by the day to day happenings there and are designed to be cuddled, played with and to inspire imagination. The dolls are designed to empower children, to be a playmate and secret keeper, something to stand the test of time. The innocence of childhood has been kept in mind with the simplicity of the design with clothing appropriate for little ones. The softies are exactly that, super soft and cuddly but also great for kids with sensory issues, a middle of the night companion for newborns and toddlers and with everything being machine washable they are perfect for all ages.

    Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay on top of news, sneak peak releases and upcoming markets.

    E: explore@eotf.com.au

    W: www.eotf.com.au

  • Emma Louise Candle Co.

    Emma Louise Candle Co

    Emma Louise Candle Co was created in 2015. I decided to start making some candles for friends and family as gifts. Little did I know, it would turn into a small business. Everyone was asking me to make more and more and to start selling them, so I did just that.I started off in my mum and dads kitchen while I was still living at home. We took them to the markets all around Brisbane. The markets are so much fun and is such an amazing way to meet amazing people and their small businesses.

    My now husband and I bought a house in April 2016, and since having our own home with more room, I got making lots of candles.I am based in Brisbane, Australia and hand make everything here at home. I am a full time hairdresser and work up to 40 hours a week. I spend my spare time creating yummy candles.

    I use 100% natural products and Soy wax. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is family friendly, pet friendly & vegan! I use natural fibre wicks which are led free and contain no harmful metals.

    The glassware that I use is very high quality, and can be reused in a number of ways when it is empty. Just wash it out with warm soapy water, and leave to dry. I chose a Natural Timber lid to go with the candles as it gives a beautiful delicate finish.

    E: info@emmalouisedecor.com

    W: Emma Louise

  • Emma-Rose Design

    Emma-Rose Design

    Emma-rose Design is directed by qualified Gold Coast based Interior stylist & home décor enthusiast, Emma-rose. With 12 years of experience, along with a passion for renovating, styling & design, Emma-rose has completed thousands of colour & tile selections for both new home builds & older home renovations….along with a handful of personal home renovations, from conception to the final touches, this is what makes Emma-rose synonymous with unique, evolving & enduring style, across the Gold Coast.

    Talking about one day having an online homewares store, Emma-rose has recently turned her dreams into reality! Researching & organizing unique, beautiful homewares from around the globe, she is now importing from India and beyond & continues her search to find quality homewares that you won’t find anywhere else.

    Emma-rose’s signature style and eye for modern, unique styled homewares will provide you with on-trend style which you can incorporate into your own home or business.

    Collaborations, enquiries, feedback or just to say hello, get in touch via:

    E: emmarose@hotmail.com.au

    W: http://www.emma-rosedesign.com

  • Emy meets Lulu

    Emy meets Lulu


    E: emymeetslulu@gmail.com

    W: http://emymeetslulu.comwww.mioplay.com.au

  • Ena Products

    Ena Products

    Ena Products believes in a genuine approach to skincare. Our all natural skincare range is only made with plant based ingredients, free from any nasty chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Filled with high quality essential oils, the luxurious scents and nutrient-dense creams, oils and washes invites your skin to look and feel amazing. Each item is proudly cruelty free and made in Australia. It’s simply skincare that is as close to nature as possible. Packed with nutrients, love and good vibes. Created by Lindy Lloyd, the concept for the Ena range was born years ago on a solo trek around the world. After studying the art of plant-based essential oils from a therapeutic angle, and what oils were most pleasing to the senses and nourishing for skin, the past 10 years have been spent refining and perfecting skin-loving recipes, ready to release into the world.

    The brand is named after Ena, Lindy’s grandmother, who was a truly beautiful woman both inside and out.

    E: lindy@enaproducts.com.au

    W: www.enaproducts.com.au

  • Flossy-P

    Flossy P

    E: sarah@flossy-p.com


  • Happy Go Ducky

    Happy Go Ducky

    E: amy@happygoducky.com.au

    W: www.happygoducky.com.au

  • Hooked in a box

    Hooked in a box

    Hooked in a Box is a Perth-based gift hamper boutique specialising in creating and delivering bespoke gift hampers and corporate gift boxes Australia-wide.

    We take the time to carefully research and hand-pick premium products from Australia to include in our gift boxes. All of our products are sourced to be 100% organic, eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials. We donate part of our profits to two charities that are close to my heart; Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA) and Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA).

    E: info@hookedinabox.com

    W: www.hookedinabox.com

  • Kamikashii


    At KamiKashii I design and create origami mobiles and wall art for your home. The bright, funky designs are gently balanced with naturally beautiful timber, and the finished products evoke calm, peace and tranquility, whilst adding natural texture and movement to any room. The first mobile I made sits prettily in my daughters room, and she loves watching the ‘birdies’ gently float above her bed. These pieces can be tailor made to complement any colour scheme, and can be customised to include sheet music, wedding vows or favourite pages from a loved book. Shop the range on Etsy, and follow KamiKashii on Instagram and Facebook to see all my latest designs!

    W: www.etsy.com.au/shop/kamikashii

  • Kandila Co

    Kandila Co

    Kandila Co. is a Melbourne-based candle company that gives back to community. They do this by donating 50% of their profits to organisations that provide education to children in developing nations. Kandila Co. produces artisan natural candles using the highest quality of soy wax available in the market today. Each one is perfectly blended with premium Australian-made fragrance oil and use lead-free, natural fibre wick. All Kandila Co candles are lovingly hand-crafted, prepared and packed by the same pair of hands. By purchasing these candles, you are helping Australian charities send kids from impoverished communities to schools, giving them an opportunity to achieve their full potential. These candles will not only brighten your day but also give hope to those children and enable them to uplift and change their lives.

    E: hello@kandilacompany.com

    W: www.kandilacompany.com

  • Little Connoisseur

    Little Connoisseur

    At Little Connoisseur we specialise in creating luxury decor and accessories for little ones.

    Born out of a desire to create children’s decor that defied the conventional ‘kid’s’ decor aesthetic, Little Connoisseur was established in December 2015, by Director Shea Murrell.

    With a strong Scandinavian design influence and a love of the finer things in life, the brand places emphasis on thoughtful design, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

    Offering a contemporary range of floor cushions, decorative cushions and accessories, each piece features the brands design signature – the special touch of personalisation, with a child’s name lovingly embossed in gold.  We hope you and you’re little ones treasure our pieces for years to come.


    w) www.littleconnoisseur.com.au

    e) info@littleconnoisseur.com.au

  • Mioplay


    After months of searching, she found nothing…all she discovered was mounds of plastic, plastic and more brightly coloured plastic products that she new would end up in landfill…. so she stopped…and not only because she had been reminded of how much she didn’t like shopping but because she was disheartened. She remembered all the beautiful children toys that her parents had when they were young, that had been kept and cherished for decades…”why doesn’t anyone make toys like that anymore?” she asked herself as she ordered her recovery glass of wine…

    “I give up! I’ll just go and buy her a voucher” (note: vouchers are not Auntie worthy presents) Until…..

    One day this auntie/ Product Design Engineer collaborated with a Behavioural Neuroscientist to develop a meaningful and beautiful product that aids in the developmental learning of newborns. The main goal that drove this team was to restore the quality back into products that had been lost. To design a product that lasts, a product to keep.


    E: sales@mioplay.com.au

    W: www.mioplay.com.au

  • Miss April

    Miss April

    Miss April brings you a range of luxurious towels that have been created using traditional techniques, passed down through many generations of Turkish families. Our hand, bath and beach towels are all designed in Australia and made in Turkey from 100% Turkish cotton, which attributes to the extremely fast drying and absorbent nature of the towels. Our towels come in a variety of colours, patterns and styles, so there is something for everyone.

    E: missapril.aus@gmail.com

    W: www.missapril.me

  • Natalie Briney

    Natalie Briney

    My name is Natalie Briney and I am an Australian mixed media artist who has been creating professionally since 2011, when I decided to to turn my little ‘hobby’ into a reality. Since then, I have been playing with different types of mixed media, acrylic paint, pencils and just about anything else that I can get my hands on to create as much texture as possible.
    I believe the purpose of art is to bring more beauty into this world and my idea of beautiful is the female form. My women are strong and powerful, yet soft and loving, with no desire to fit in. You will often find them wearing antler head pieces and an animal sitting along side of them.

    E: hello@nataliebrineyartist.com

    W: www.nataliebrineyartist.com

  • Page and Pine

    Page and Pine

    “Hi there! We are Jeremy and Larissa, a young couple living on the sunny Central Coast and chasing our dream of a work-from-home lifestyle. Page and Pine was born out of a love of making things with our hands and a balance between creativity and technology. We love all things simple, minimal and natural, and are constantly working towards a more sustainable business and lifestyle.

    We make handcrafted wooden toys and homewares, as well as hand-lettered calligraphy Prints. Our love for natural elements even extends to the polish we make by hand for our wooden blocks, which is made from locally harvested organic beeswax.
    We believe in creating spaces that are bright and natural, evoking a sense of simplicity and calm in every room.

    When you support our small business, you are supporting our dream, and we thank you for that.”

    E: hello@pageandpine.com.au

    W: www.pagenadpine,com.au

  • Peppermint Tree Creations

    Peppermint Tree Creations

    Peppermint Tree Creations is a Western Australian based handmade business specialising in custom made nursery bedding. My name is Emma and I am the creator behind the scenes. Nothing makes me happier than being able to bring someone’s creative vision to life! So much love goes into handmade items and the joy of knowing what you are creating will be treasured for many years to come is more reward than anything else could ever be. I love to work with my customers to design something just right for them, including sourcing fabrics to suit their design style.

    I make cot and bassinet quilts, sheets, change mat covers, baby blankets, cushions, bunting, playmats, sensory and security blankets, hand dyed muslin wraps along with a number of other items. Always happy to help out with any custom made projects if I can.

    E: pepperminttreecreations@gmail.com

    W: www.pepperminttreecreations.com.au

  • Rocket and Rose Homewares

    Rocket and Rose Homewares

    I’m Amanda a Queensland based florist, green thumb turned concrete artisian. I specialise in Nordic Inspired handcrafted concrete storage vessels, stylish planters, trays and more.
    Concrete has such a raw, natural textural complexity which I absolutely love, with every piece evoking it’s own unique qualities. I believe plants are not just for outdoors. Bring life and colour into your home with one of my vessels. Plants are calming, detoxify the air and well just look darn pretty.
    Start your indoor oasis and introduce plants to your space.

    Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay on top of news, sneak peak releases and upcoming markets.

    E: rocketandrosehq@gmail.com

    W: www.rocketandrosehomewares.bigcartel.com

  • Seriously Milestones

    Seriously Milestones

    Seriously Milestone cards are the perfect way to capture parentings real moments – from being a fur mumma to wrangling toddlers – we’ve got everything you need!

    Our Milestone packs contain 20 different cards that we know every parent will use at one time or another, and our greeting cards help send the message you actually want to say.

    Join the Seriously tribe today x

    E: hello@seriously.net

    W: www.seriously.net.au