hooked in a box

Every little bizz I’ve shown you so far had their own reason to start that what they are doing. Most of the time it is driven by passion… the urge to change something.  Sometimes you bump into a business to genuine, so kind, and so perfect it gives you goose bumps.

It might be the new mommy hormones in me. (if such a thing exists?!) But when I stumbled across Hooked into a box when searching for a perfect gift to lift up the mood of one of my mummy friends, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

There are two reasons why:

The first one, is that hooked in a box is supporting other small businesses. And that, of course, is awesome! The Perth based boutique specialises in creating bespoke giftboxes for individuals and the corporate world.  They source products from all over Australia that are organic, ethical, eco-friendly and made sustainable.

You can choose a premade box, or (and this is what I love so much) create your own box, by choosing out of the many little goodies available on the site. So, for one friend I went all out with chocolate and hand cream, while the other got candles and bath salt.All the boxes are hand packed, which is awesome, but what’s even awesome-r is that they can be engraved with a name! The box, even when empty, is a gift itself. How cool is that!

The second reason why I love Hooked in a box is because they donate to two organisations; Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia.  Clarissa, the owner and founder of Hooked in a Box, dealt with Post natal depression after the birth of her second child.

One thing that she realised while dealing with depression was that she needed a creative outlet and some me-time. Luckily for her, and for us, she was able to combine both these needs into one and Hooked in a Box was born.

Now, I have been very very lucky not to have to deal with post-natal depression, or baby blues. But very close mummy friends have.  I realised that most of them take a long time before admitting they need help. There is this expectation in our society that you, as a mum, need to be able to deal with it all. The truth is though, that motherhood is not perfect. It’s bloody damn hard, and if you’re dealing with shifting hormones, or are prone to depression, you might find yourself in a very dark place without knowing how you got there. Please, understand that there is help out there. It is a strength to acknowledge you need help, not a weakness!

And, if you know a mum who can do with a lift me up? Or you want to thank a friend who gave you that support when you needed it…. There is always hooked in a box, with their gorgeous gift hampers specially made for mummy’s (to be).

Clarissa has recently taken over another awesome business called Sal Remedia. A line of Self-care blends developed to bring calm to both the mind and body- in a totally luxurious way.

At Sal Remedia, they promise to use only quality ingredients, which are free of chemicals and nasties. Their products are suitable for the most sensitive of skins, including delicate babies skin. They believe in transparency of the ingredients they use in all products and have an ingredient list available on their website.

You find Sal Remedia in the hampers but can also order them separately from their website.