In The Media Brazilian Magazine Case e Jardim interviewed Lisa and explored her love of interior design and natural materials. Be warned, this article is written in Portuguese, so have Google translate ready! Australian blogger and stylist Gina from The Style Curator had a chat with Lisa about favourite rooms and DIY projects. After reading the post, have a look the rest of Gina’s page, there are lots of fantastic articles and DIY projects to be found there. Each Wednesday Kate Young, a Frenchie in the UK, shares some of her favourite Instagram houses on her blog. This post has lots of pictures to get inspired, so check it out! Dutch blogger Manon interviewed Lisa to talk about the differences between houses in The Netherlands and Australia. Only for the Dutchies among us, or for those who miraculously learned to speak Dutch for other reasons. Jacinda, the founder of the Studyroom in London is a serious stationary lover and small business supporter. She asked Lisa her tips on creating the perfect home office.