Joonya babywipes

A few years back, when struggling with my health, I made some big changes in my life. I completely changed my diet and cut out all sugar, processed foods and gluten (and lots of other things, but the list would be too long). I also got rid of all chemicals in my life and changed my shampoo, makeup and whatnot.  I was dealing with multiple autoimmune disorders and was crippled with pain for weeks on end. My journey to get healthier, pain-free and able to conceive took many years and was very tough at times. But with great determination…. I AM healthy, I AM pain-free and I DID conceive.

Going through this journey, I had now become very conscious of certain ingredients and the impact they can have on our body and the environment, so I started researching baby products early on in my pregnancy. I wouldn’t want to use something on my son if I wouldn’t use it myself….

I found out that surprisingly enough one of the most popular brands, the one that smells like a baby, is full of chemicals. I knew for sure that I wasn’t going to be using that on my cute little babies’ bum! So, I was off to find other baby products that are safe to use for our little baby boy.

I stumbled upon Joonya wipes through the insta community. They won the GOLD award at the Australian Mother and Baby awards in 2017 for fragrance-free baby wipes. Worth giving it a try I thought…

I’ve been using their wipes from the day Benji was born, and Yes…They deserve a gold medal from me too! The wipes are 100% viscose material derived from plant fibres and are therefore biodegradable and compostable. The ingredients in the Joonya wipes are rated as extremely safe and don’t contain any of those nasties with very long names. No, instead of those, the wipes are infused with Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Jojoba oil. Gentle and calming on bubs skin! Benji has not had a nappy rash or any irritation on his smooth baby skin, so they are definitely working well for him.

Even the packaging is 100 % recyclable! And about the packaging – it’s by far the best looking one out there too! It even fits in the colour scheme of our house! A packaging of baby wipes, without the face of a baby on there! How refreshing….

As you can read, the Joonya wipes are made with love and a passion to create a high-quality eco – wipe.  You might agree that most eco-brands are very expensive, and for most people not really an option due to cost. Even while we know it’s better for our baby and the environment it’s easy to just grab that product in the supermarket that is on sale…

Well, exactly this is the reason why Joonya now exists. Founder Leanne explained to me how they really wanted to offer an affordable eco-friendly wipe. One that isn’t made by a multinational company (who might use marketing strategies to make you believe their wipes are  the best, even while they aren’t….).  it’s so smart!  We don’t need the middleman anymore… we don’t need massive supermarkets anymore either.

Joonya has a direct to customer online model that bypasses all these traditional channels. And it’s so simple and convenient. You can either purchase a trial pack of 3 or a box of 12 packs direct, or you can make use of their super affordable membership. You get a box sent you every month or two months… or whatever you want. Shipping is free, and you can pause, cancel or adjust your order at any time. And they send you an email a couple of days prior in case you want to make changes to it very last minute. Could it be any easier?

So their ingredients are fantastic. They look good, and they have a very convenient ordering model… But are their wipes good? I think so!! I LOVE them. I did use some other brand’s as I got given a few packs in hampers and as gifts, and I seriously don’t think they can compare with Joonya.

The best thing for me is the texture of the wipe. It helps a lot to get that poo off much easier than traditional wipes.  They may be smaller than some other major brand, and you might think you’d be using more wipes, but the opposite is true. I noticed I was using a lot more wipes when using the other brands as they are so slippery and just slide over the poo.

But just to make sure it was not just me, and my opinion,I asked some friends and mums from my mums’ group to try a pack and tell me what they thought about it. These are their comments:

“I love how Joonya thinks about our precious babies and the environment. The fact that the wipes and packaging are biodegradable is a massive plus for me. “

“Thank you for introducing me to Joonya, I love everything about them! I initially thought I’d stick with my other brand, as I love the smell of them. But now I actually prefer the non-perfumed wipes from joonya.”

“Being able to order a whole box at the time is perfect for me! And I love supporting a small and conscious business! “

“The only thing I don’t like about Joonya is that there aren’t’ any travel size packs. As I don’t want to use any other wipes on C’s skin anymore, and the 80 pack wipes are a bit heavy to carry in my handbag…”

As you can read, I’m not the only one who is positive about Joonya!

If you want to try Joonya wipes, to clean your baby’s bum, or your table / house/car/ anything (as a resourceful mum usually does) I’d recommend Joonya wipes. Use the code NONTOXWANDER at member checkout to receive $10 off your first bulk member order. Or, if you’re want to give it a try first, just order the trial pack for only $20

Let me know how you go!

Love, Lisa