Origami Mobile

Via one of my many browsing sessions on Instagram, looking for a mobile to add to the babyroom, I stumbled across KamiKashii. And oh boy, I was in love!

Kamikashii is a name of a small business run by Rachel, who makes the most gorgeous origami mobiles.  I got in touch with her and asked her if she could make me a custom mobile in the colours of our nursery. No problem, she said, and in the days that followed she sent me pictures of driftwood branches and paper options. Even while I initially thought it might be difficult to choose from photo’s only, Rachel made the whole process super easy.

In no time I received our stunning handmade origami mobile. It was just perfect! The raw texture of the driftwood and the soft, floating origami birds created a very calming mobile. Especially when there is a little breeze in the room and the birds seem to fly.  I ended up hanging it in the entrée hall and the living room for a couple of weeks before moving it up to nursery.  Even while traditionally this might be an item for in a nursery, it actually looks cool in many rooms! (And in my head I’m planning a first bday party already. A few of these mobiles would be the perfect decoration above a table setting).

I got curious as how a UK girl, who ended up marrying and Aussie, got interested in origami. And what does the name Kamikashii mean??

Rachel told me that she absolutely loves travelling, and of all the countries she’s been lucky enough to visit, Japan just had her heart. On their last visit (when their daughter was 11 months old) she took a course in origami in stunning Kyoto. It reaffirmed in her that she loves this ancient artform, she mentions how peaceful and relaxing, it is to her and how it provides a wonderful creative outlet. She wanted to be able to use it to make beautiful items that people could enjoy with their little ones, so KamiKashii was born.

Rachel also told me that she made the first origami mobile for her daughter, after shopping around for mobiles but wanting something a bit different. she loves using the driftwood in her designs as it really gives a warm, natural feel to the room. She said: “To me, the mobile represents that emotion of calm tranquillity from being near the ocean. The driftwood, the floating birds, the colours and the tones in the timber as well as the patterns on the paper, there’s texture and movement in a really gentle and calming way. My daughter loves looking at ‘her birdies’ and they look so beautiful floating in her room.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more with your daughter, we also love looking at the birdies in bubs room!It’s so soothing to see them slightly dancing in the wind when there is a little breeze!

If you love the look of the origami, but driftwood isnt’ your thing. (or you don’t have enough space) You can also choose a bamboo hoop, which gives a more modern, scandi feel, which looks beautiful as well.  If you’re looking for an original, custom made mobile and love to shop small, I highly recommend you check the Kamikashii Etsy Store 

X Lisa

All images provided by Kamikashii and White and Wander