Quercus & Co’s Wallpaper

“Every plain wall deserves a piece of work, so why not cover it with a smile?”
Shawn Lukas

We purposely chose to have the bones of our house very neutral. Timber floors, grey carpet and white walls. This way we feel the house won’t date too quickly. Colour and style can be inserted with furniture or accessories and easily adjusted to suit the mood or theme that year.

When we first moved in, all those white walls felt a bit let’s say too white. Yes -we had art on the walls, and added colour through various items, but there was still something missing….I needed more depth and texture. I needed it to feel warmer, and cosier. After hours and hours on interior blogs, pinterest and instagram I reached the conclusion that the best way to do this was with wallpaper.

But… really?… wallpaper? I’ve never been a big fan. I thought the patterns were often a bit ‘stiff’ and wallpaperish  (i know, that’s not a word). Besides that – I didn’t know how to hang wallpaper!

I completely changed my mind once I found Quercus&Co, a local business in Sydney’s inner west. Their wallpaper is hand drawn and printed in house on eco friendly paper. It’s really cool to see the massive rolls of paper coming out of the printer! They have various collections and their style with watercolours and pencil are more art than wallpaper, and that was exactly what I was looking for.

Besides wallpaper they sell large wall stamps, wallpaper tiles and canvas maps and posters in that super cool old school style. The coolest item perhaps is the fabric that can be printed with the same pattern and colours as your wallpaper. I love a bit of well done matchy-matchy!  Stepping into their shop/workshop and seeing it all I was completely sold! Such beautiful and stunning products, coupled with great service!

Adam, the owner, is found in the store most days, and is happy to help out with anything you can think off. All colours of the wallpaper can be adjusted to perfectly fit your interior. They are happy to do multiple trial runs and send samples home, until you’re completely happy with the result.

We ended up with two different wallpapers. Tapestry in our entry hallway and Linea in the bedrooms. Both are custom made and matched with the wall colour and floors. Our bare and boring hallway now bring a splash of colour in the house. It’s bright, but not too bright, it’s colourful but not overwhelming, and it definitely creates this feeling of depth and texture I was looking for.

The bedroom is a muted grey, it is very calming, and I love the zen-nes of our bedroom, it feels very tranquil. I love lazy Sunday mornings in bed, especially because I made two XL cushions in a fabric which is perfectly matched to the wallpaper. It’s so lovely to read a book while the sun peaks it’s head in. Pure bliss….


Now, I did say I couldn’t hang wallpaper… Well the guys at Quercus&Co make it super easy for you. They measure the pattern out for you, And everything comes numbered and cut to size. You really only have to stick it on the wall and cut off the end bits. (of course you can also choose to have a pro helping you, if you still don’t feel comfortable). Both Hubby and I did it for the first time and it was done in a couple of hours. We didn’t even have a fight!! Our walls are definitely covered with a smile. As you can hear, I’m a converted wallpaper-er! I could not recommend both wallpapering and Quercus&Co any higher!

You can check them out at https://www.quercusandco.com

X Lisa