Reburbish a chair

Well before our house was even built I started to hunt for cool pieces of furniture. I couldn’t wait to finally have our own place and to be able to start styling our home.

In my opinion you don’t necessarily need new or expensive pieces to style your home beautifully. Of course, it’s very cool if you finally saved up enough money to be able to buy that specific designer piece. But if everything comes straight from the shops, your home can feel a bit like a showroom. I find it important to create your own style, so your house represents you and feels like your own.

A good way to create this unique style is to add some older pieces and done – up furniture to your home and combine them with new items. New dining chairs can look fantastic with a second-hand table. Just make sure that all your items fit together from a colour or style perspective. Otherwise it will just be messy.

By giving an old piece a new life, you can save a lot of money. Besides that, it’s very rewarding once you have finished fixing up your furniture and you sit down with your cup of tea (or wine) being all content and proud…. I personally find it relaxing to be playing around with a sander and paint…My kind of meditation.

A while back I found two Parker chairs on Gumtree. They were in pretty bad shape, but I really wanted them. I know they are fantastic quality and I love the shape of the chair. Hubby thought I was crazy, but I decided to pick them up and do them up.

I sanded them down, oiled them to protect the raw wood and started looking for a new fabric. I found this amazing design from Quercus and Co. They design and print all their products in Sydney. It’s no secret I love their products as I already covered some walls with their wallpaper.   The fabric I chose is called cloudburst and can be printed on five natural base cloths. I chose one that is suitable for domestic upholstery, it feels nice and thick and sturdy. I love the texture it has.

Once I received the fabric, which was sent to my home, I brought my chair to the upholstery and a week later he came to drop off our brand-new chair. How easy was that!?

I am so very happy with the result! We now have a fantastic quality, unique chair in our home! Actually, we have two! The other chair is shining in our living room in a beautiful grey colour.  Yay for me!