Sibella Court

Sibella court is one of my fave interior stylists and product designers ever!  Her style is so unique and specifically hers, nothing comes even close to it. With her immaculate eye for detail and endless imagination she is able to tell a story through her interiors, styling and products. It isn’t a big surprise to hear that she isn’t just a designer, but that she has a background in history and is a globetrotter by heart.  All this is very visible when you take a look at her books (Etcetera, The stylist guide to NYC, Nomad, Bowerbird and Gypsy). Which are showing rich and perfectly styled collections with items coming from the all over the world.

Even while I absolutely love her style and am a super fan of her books, I’ve never been able to recreate her style at home. BUT, that has changed, or at least that is what I thought. St Peters’ Precinct 75 houses it’s very own Sibella Court shop named ‘The Society Inc’.  Of course I needed to have a look!

The store launched when she returned from New York after having lived there for ten years and is based in an old warehouse. The place is absolutely stunning both the inside and out. The history of the building, the tall ceilings and cracking walls provide a striking backdrop for a store that is filled with haberdasheries, little treasures, art and pieces of furniture. The collection of all these oddities give you the feeling you’re somewhere in a place which is a perfect mix between a museum and an undiscovered attic filled with gems. You can find furniture, little knick-knacks and art. Everything is beautiful, everything is gorgeous, and the size of the space makes you almost feel you’re on a magical film set.

I spent over on hour walking around and oohing and ahhhing about all these beautiful pieces. I loved it all, however, I did realise that a lot of the items wouldn’t have the same impact in my house. The place looks like a ginormous page of her book, a collection of rarities, and it’s the combination and the collection that brings the items to life. Even while I wanted it all, I did resist bringing it all home. One piece, was afraid, even when absolutely stunning, would look out of place in my very minimalist and scandic interior.

Eventually I dragged myself out of the shop and only brought two little porcelain fortune cookies home with me. They were gorgeously wrapped in stunning paper, then in a little box and eventually in a lovely bag as well. It’s those little gestures that makes it oh, so special.

I love the cookies to bits, and you might have seen them on my instagram already, as they are a great styling item. I do have to admit, that my styling skills, or styling-style, still do not come even close to Sibella’s. I’m ok with it though, I’ve decided that even while I adore everything about her style, I have my own style which I am pretty happy with too.

Want to visit this fabulous place? You will find The Society Inc at: Warehouse 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters 2044. Or have a look at

Let me know once you’ve visited them, I’d love to know what you think!

X Lisa