Studio Make in Manly

I’ve got this cool friend, who is super duper creative, she makes fantastic personalised bracelets. You should check them out at! Anyway- we meet each other about once a month and try to come up and do something a little different each time.

This month’s’ date we decided to learn something new and signed up for a workshop at Studio Make in Manly. It’s a lovely studio in the heart of Manly, offering a wide variety of workshops for both adults and kids. They also do birthday parties and vacation care groups. I also love the combined adult and child workshops they offer. How cool is it to learn something new with you son or daughter? I would have loved it when I was a child, and will definitely be attending when bub  is old enough!

We decided to learn macrame, I vaguely remember something about this from when I was in primary school. The memories weren’t overly positive though, as I could only describe my art teacher as mean and super grumpy (sorry but you were). I ended up having to take my macrame project home. My mum finished it for me, and I only got a 5 out of 10. From that moment my mum shared her dislike for this teacher with me…

Time to change these memories for some positive ones! And that definitely happened. What a lovely and welcoming atmosphere. We were all seated at long tables where we had our own bright pink practice threads. The teacher showed us a range of various knots and designs which we practised under her experienced eye. When we felt confident that we mastered the skills, we chose a colour thread and started our own individualised projects after a quick morning tea.

Unfortunately for me, I still lacked the skills and I kept forgetting the steps of the different knots. I think it might be my complete lack of mathematical skills or my directional skills, don’t even ask me to navigate…. Over, under, through… I could not remember it. With the endless help of the overly patient staff, my friend and neighbouring participant I ended up going home with a lovely macrame hanger that I am super proud off. I have hung it in our study, bedroom and nursery. People comment on it and say it looks so cool! They don’t even realise I never ended up finishing it, because I run out of time!

The location, the feel of the studio and the expertise of the teachers were all great, and I am looking forward signing up for another workshop! Screen printing, free form weaving and resin art are on top of my list!

Go and check them out at! You won’t be disappointed!

X Lisa