The Proprietor in Albury

Most long weekends we try to catch up with some really close friends who live in Melbourne. Sometimes we fly to them, sometimes they visit us… But more recently we decided to meet at a place somewhere half way(ish).

This time we chose not to go via the coast, but meet each other inland and we ended up in Albury on the border of NSW and Victoria. It was such a delight to find a high quality, stylish place right in town.

The Proprietor is a cafe housed in one of Albury oldest buildings. In 1890 it was built as saddler, later on it was converted into a butcher shop.

The biggest renovation though, must be the one to convert it to its current state of a cafe.They used recycled materials wherever possible and made most of the furniture themselves, gotta love DIY. My favourite piece must be the ginormous table right in the middle of the cafe. It’s a gorgeous piece of timber on a chunky black frame. The industrial barstools are the perfect addition to it. And check out the black and white checkered floor, so stylish, so simple and the perfect look for the place.

I think it’s that love and dedication that is put in this place that makes it feel special. Even if you don’t know the story, it feels warm and welcoming. It’s a great place for a long breakfast with lots of coffee and a newspaper, or a lunch with friends.

Apart from the styling looking fabulous, the coffee and food is fantastic too! They describe their food as familiar and unique, which I can completely agree with. Ingredients are sourced from local suppliers; they use produce from local gardeners, and farmers ensuring all ingredients are seasonal and local (and therefor fresh!). I believe in healthy eating, so their philosophy is one that really suits me. And besides that- they are supporting the local community. Could it get any better?

We’ve been at The Proprietary a few times now, and will continue to visit this lovely gem! Make sure you stop over next time you drive by or check out their website:

X Lisa