The Timba Trend

The Timba Trend are a handmade timber home wares business located on the Central Coast of NSW, creating wares from their home-based workshop with two boys in tow. In between school drop offs, baby rest times and both their boys’ bedtimes in the night, Connie and her husband create handmade home wares.

Mostly specialising in little people’s interiors, their pieces are versatile enough to be used throughout the whole home. They are known for their ever-popular book shelves and hexagon shelf as you will find in my home office, bedroom and nursery.

I’ve been following the Timba Trend, and Connie’s more personal account, The Connie diaries from the day I joined Instagram. She is such a hardworking and inspirational woman. I feel honoured that she found the time to answer my questions to inspire you all.

photo credit:The Timba Trend
photo credit: The Timba Trend
photo credit: The Timba Trend

Tell us about yourself; who are you, where do you live, what makes you who you are.

I’m Connie, the owner and creative behind The Timba Trend and The Connie Diaries, living on the beautiful Central Coast NSW, but growing up in a small country Town Casino. So the country side has a special piece of my heart as much as the ocean now does. I love to being a mum, being creative, going exploring out in nature on hikes, bikes rides, beach adventures and have family time away in our renovated vintage caravan.

 What kind of business do you run, what is your service or product?

I run a small online shop creating and making mostly children’s homewares but also pieces for around the home too. Our signature style in timber wares with a pop of colour or leather accents.

How did this business come about, what inspired you?

It all started in 2014 when we purchased our first home and begun renovating and decorating it. I wanted a few specific things that I could not find, so my husband made them up for me and told me I could sell them. It took me almost a year to believe his crazy thoughts before testing out the waters and seeing what happened. Two years later, I am now running a successful online shop which is now full time work for both my husband and I.

Is running your own business as you expected it to be? What is the best thing about it? What is most challenging?

My honest answer is no! By a long shot. I went into this journey with a extremely small goal of even getting one order a week. It seems like a completely ridiculous goal looking back it now haha! The best part about running your own home business is the flexibility, the freedom of being able to create, having my husband home everyday with us after doing FIFO for a few years and the relationships I’ve made along the way with other small businesses. I’ve made some life friends out of networking through instagram which is always a bonus.

photo credit: The Timba Trend

Do you have any tips for others who want to go down this path of running their own business?

My biggest tip would be  “be inspired but don’t copy”. Also, be prepared to be copied and handle it like water off a ducks back. That is something I have had to learn along the way and finally able to shrug off any copy cats that pop up. I know they’re out there but I don’t give them any satisfaction.

 Do you have a random fact, a funny story, an embarrassing moment etc. that you can share with us?

A few years ago we were on holidays in Brisbane and at the airport waiting to come home when we walked past Tiffany Hall from The Biggest Loser. I literally screamed her name whilst being within two metres distance of her saying “OMG THATS TIFFANY HALL”. Don’t know why because its not like I’m a massive girl fan or anything haha. It was just the whole star struck kind of thing that got me. She stopped in her tracks and looked at me as if it say “Okay….Are you alright there sweetie” haha. Hubby loves to share that story to anyone who will listen.

Thanks Connie and Timbatrend for sharing your story and sharing some inspo for our readers.

X Lisa

photo credit: The Timba Trend

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