Upcycle a timber toy

A while back I bought some second-hand toys at a toy fair. The main reason I bought some was to support the charity that was organising the fair.  The ones I choose looked dated and a bit tired…. However, I did choose to buy the timber items, over the plastic stuff that was there. My idea was to upcycle them and give them another life.

This little shape-sorter-cart-pull- along-thingy is the first item that got a fashionable make over from me.  It’s a classic toy I think. Great to learn shapes, talk about the colours and build towers with.

I didn’t like the primary colours so much though, so I decided to give them a colour transformation.

I went to a store that specialises in paint and bought a low VOC water-based enamel from Taubmans. As I wanted three different colours and only needed a tiny bit of each colour, I just went with sample pots.

Back at home, I lightly sanded the blocks, cleaned them and removed all the dust and gave them two coats of paint.  (except for the darkest colour, which surprisingly enough needed three!)

I bought a new string at a local art and craft shop and Voila! A new toy for Benji that looks stylish enough to be left around in the living room! (Please be aware that your string is less than 22cm if your baby is younger than 18 months. I have shortened the string after taking these photos…)

The only downside is, that he won’t be able to practise the primary colours anymore… But hey, if he’s my child he’d rather talk about pitter patter, Jericho Jade and Peaceful Night (Taubmans) anyway 😛