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White and Wander established in 2016 by husband and wife duo on the completion of their dream home in Sydney.  With a passion for interior, design and functionality, the aim is to share a little of what they know with the world.

When sourcing materials, furniture and finishes for their house they were drawn to use as many local businesses and products possible, that way supporting the community they live in. The idea of White and Wander was born to provide a platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs within Australia that focus on interior and styling.

Lawrence and Lisa share their love for travelling and good food and often explore different parts of NSW and wider Australia. Combining their love for interior and travel led to the “Wander” part of White and Wander, in which stylish accommodation and restaurants are being reviewed.

Lisa’s love for interior styling and renovation started at the age of 6 when she moved with her parents into an old farm house in the Netherlands. The house was renovated room by room, day by day, year by year and Lisa and her sister were actively involved in breaking down walls and ripping up carpet. Since then, her interest has continued to grow in her new home of Australia, where she brings her love of scandi style with her own personal touch to her followers. She is a confessed home improvement tv show junkie and DIY lover.

Lawrence works behind the scenes, researching a wide variety of items with an interest in creating more functional spaces with smart technology. His aim is to increase the efficiency, safety and usability of a home through innovative products that do not detract from keeping within the selected style. He loves his coffee and doesn’t go a day without one. In his downtime he is an avid sports lover with also an interest in fitness and health.

.................. Founder, mum-to-be, teacher, lover of interior styling and DIY-ing, and addicted to a healthy level of sarcasm
Editor, the numbers man, tech and gadget nerd, master of funny comments and dad jokes


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