Wolfe & Co

You will find Wolfe & Co in leafy and green Dural, a semi-rural suburb in Sydney’s Hills district. When driving around in the neighbourhood you will find lots of nurseries, and large, often prestigious houses. It’s a beautiful area to live, or to visit. However, up until a couple of years ago there was one thing missing; a high quality, inviting, place to have breakfast or lunch with family or friends.

This all changed when Wolfe & Co opened their doors 2 years ago and it was a big success from day one! The line of eagerly waiting customers was long and steady, which confimed that the need for a café of this calibre was long overdue. The line has shortened somewhat these days, not because of fewer customers, but because of the fact that owners Ché and Caroline have been able to extend the venue and are able to host a lot more hungry Sydneysiders during their breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea sessions.

Ché’s passion for good food and coffees come from a long hospitality history. He ran many different restaurant and bars in both Melbourne and Sydney, not those dodgy bars, but the high quality – fine dining kinda places. So, he knows his thing, and…he loves cooking!

Caroline organised events, did the social media and has a fantastic eye for design. Together they are a super motivated, hardworking dream team.

They decided to move to The Hills in Sydney and both commuted to Sydney’s CBD for work.  It was when Caroline found out she was pregnant with Wolfe (yes, that’s where the name comes from) that they decided to change their lives around. Instead of slowing down and taking it easy during pregnancy and having a little newborn, these two stepped it up.

They knew there was a need for a good quality café in the area, and they felt comfortable that their combined skillset prepared them well enough to take the big step of opening their own Café.

Wolfe & Co was born!  They have a very strong philosophy and all their produce is sourced locally from the many high-quality suppliers in the Hawkesbury region They grow their own stuff too and preserve their fruit and vegetables as the seasons pass. The sauces, preserves, jams, granola, muesli, yoghurt, sorbet and ice cream are house-made. The edible flowers, as well as the citrus and all herbs are coming from their own backyard.

Besides the high quality of food, there is something else that makes Wolfe & Co special. It’s that eye for detail that is visible in every aspect of the place. The food is plated like it’s a piece of art. The staff uniforms are clean, well fitted, stylish and of great quality. The styling of the place is simple, but oh so pretty. There is a lovely combination of industrial materials combines with raw timber and soft flowers. It’ gives it very much a city vibe. Very different to the other places you find in the area, who often have more of a country feel. But the eye for detail doesn’t stop with just the taste of the food or the look of the place. There is more than that! The service is absolutely sublime. Staff are well trained, very knowledgeable and will recognise you from previous visits. You can feel that they enjoy working at Wolfe & Co.

Caroline explained that it isn’t just Ché and her running the business. It’s a team effort. Everyone is working hard, is committed and constantly growing and developing themselves. That staff is dedicated and well respected by the owners is also visible in the fact that one of the staff members, Tim, who is a local artist, has the opportunity to showcase his artistic skills by showcasing his artwork in the café.

This personal touch, the incredibly good coffee, the friendly staff create a lovely relaxed atmosphere that I dare you to try out! Even the music playlists are carefully curated, there is nothing that is not thought about, and this is what creates this wonderful experience. Many locals come twice a day for a coffee fix and lunch. Visitors ending up having all the meals at the café as it’s just too tempting to try it all!

And now there is more good news!  Caroline and Che expand their horizon and have added another venue. The next adventure is called Cod’s Gift. A fish restaurant and cocktail bar! I, and many others with me, can’t wait to check it out!

Find Wolfe and Co online www.wolfeandco.com.au  or visit them at 538 Old Northern Road, Dural.  Go and enjoy a great coffee or lovely meal at this lovely gem, and let me know what you think!

X Lisa

all images are provided by Wolfe & Co